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I would like to nominate WCCO TV News Anchor, Don Shelby. I grew up in Minneapolis and moved away in 1996 at the age of 25. Since moving away I have lived in 4 different states all in different parts of the country. My mother still lives in Minneapolis and besides asking her about the weather when I call, I always make sure and ask her if Don Shelby is still on the WCCO TV news. Growing up I thought Don Shelby was the one of the smartest men in the world. And honestly, I still think that today. Watching him on the news every night was great. He delivered the news with tact, professionalism, understanding, sensitivity and respect for whatever the subject was he was discussing. He always seemed to come across as knowing a little bit about everything beyond what he was reporting. I have watched many different news anchors all across the country since moving away and nobody compares to Don Shelby. I consider Don Shelby one of Minnesota's greatest treasures. I feel that he has helped shape the state of Minnesota into an amazing community by showing up every night in our living rooms and relaying the day's events in the most compelling way he knows how, from his heart. I'll always be a Minnesota girl at heart with my ya you betcha accent and my stories of snow falling higher than my head. I look forward to telling my grandchildren about what it was like to grow up in Minnesota and what kinds of things I learned as a child. I will also most definitely tell them about one of the smartest men I knew of. Don Shelby is part of my Minnesota History. I think he should be part of yours as well.
~Kristin Olivares, Missouri City, TX




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