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Max Shulman, arguably the world's worst writer, created one of the most famous U of M students, Dobie Gillis. In Love is a Fallacy, Shulman parodied logic into one of the most illustrative skits in humorous literature, e.g. If there is a God, then God can build a rock so heavy he can't move it. Barefoot Boy with Cheek aptly describes the U of M: "It's where the Mississippi forms a pair of pants and at it crotch is the University." Rally Round the Flag, Boys turned into a wonderful movie with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. And who can forget House Calls," the Zebra Derby and the Feather Merchants.Some may even say he trumps his fellow St. Paulite, Frances Fitzgerald. Does Nick Carroway deserve to be a MN150 nomination too?
~Neil Simonson, Morris, MN




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