Discovery of The Green Lake Plane

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I think that the discovery of Capt. Richard Carey's Cessna L-19 Birddog in 2004 should give hope to all families who have missing or mysteries in their family history. The plane was flown by Captain Richard Carey, a Minnesota National Guard member who lived in Willmar. The plane crashed on October 15, 1958. The plane was discovered by Cory Fladeboe and two companions while they were fishing on Green Lake in Spicer, Minnesota. They were curious as to why the fish were not biting and lowered their underwater camera. They were suprised to see the plane with the military star. It was bringing history and lore to life. I think it is a great story of hope and closure for a Minnesota family. It made people remember the past and reminded them to never give up hope.
~Thomas James Rosengren, Belgrade, MN




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