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Ken Dayton taught this city about philanthropy. Through his generosity, leadership and passion, he transformed our community. He tirelessly championed non-profit organizations and built the Twin Cities into the cultural mecca it is today. Additionally, he met individually with up-and-coming business leaders to instill in them the value of philanthropy. Most amazingly, his generosity was often done quietly and in the background, declining offers of public recognition -- for him, the gift was its own reward.
~Greg Bonine-Giles, St. Paul, MN

Retailers of the first order. Generous contributors to the community. Name-recognition in 5-state area.
~Dagmar Isaacson, New Brighton, MN

Dayton's department store brought me to this wonderful state. I came here out of college to work at this hometown store. Those of us who worked at Dayton's also impacted Hudson's in Detroit and Marshall Field's in Chicago. At the headquarters of Dayton's, we worked hard to be the Best Store In Town. Not only with merchandise, but with our contribution to the community and events for the public. Now being Macy's we will always remember the buildings and memories of Dayton's.
~Cathy Metzger, St Louis Park, MN




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