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Dave Moore was the very epitome of Minnesota. For all of his public life as an actor and newscaster he was beloved by everyone who came in contact with him.For so many years, he WAS Minnesota.
~Robt. C. Ritter, Bloomington, MN

Dave Moore brought to the CBS local newscast the down-to-earth personality of a typical Minnesotan of the time. He loved to tell a story and did it with respect and honor no matter the subject. He was a humble man who did not take his celebrity or himself seriously. Dave Moore epitomized being Minnesotan and that is why I have nominated him.
~Theresa J. Heroff, Farmington, MN

Became the most-loved/best-known anchorman, shaped MN TVs golden years, brought humor and intelligence to TV. Was a figure of admiration to most Minnesotans in his support of baseball and the arts. Inspired a generation to watch the news and care about events. Created MNs Bedtime Nooz.

Not only was Mr. Moore a great newscaster, but his late-night news spoof was clever and smart. It was, to me, one of the first signs that the Twin Cities was moving from a farm community to a sophisticated city that offered more than clean living as its draw around the country. His involvement with and support for local theater was all visionary and shaping of our community.
~Marcy Huggins, Plymouth, MN

Long time Twin Cities newscaster, actor and University of Minnesota alum.
~Judy Bartl, Minneapolis, MN




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