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This state was built by people like these. Both were born and raised on small farms in southwestern Minnesota.Their childhood was spent during the Depression with all the hardships that we are all familiar with.Curt was a WW II pilot, much decorated, with a bullet lodged in his chest for sixty years; it looks quite impressive on the chest x-ray. He and his father started the rural electric association in Pipestone county which brought electricity to the farms in that part of the state.He also was a renowned softball pitcher in his time.They both worked their whole lives, raised children and stuck by them through thick and thin with a lot of thin.There is so much more that I am unable to express.It's just that these people deserve something,they deserve to be recognized in some way,they deserve to have their name in the paper,to be thanked, to be applauded.This state owes as much to these people as any famous person or event.Their lives are the event that shaped and built this state more than any other thing. Please thank them.
~Curt Sabie, Kasson, MN




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