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During the late 1960s Senator Henry McKnight had a vision: He was going to create a town in which all sorts of people could live. The town would be planned out from the very beginning to prevent any foreseeable pitfalls. In 1969 the new town of Jonathan, named for explorer Jonathan Carver, was introduced to the community of Chaska. Based on European designs, Jonathan was going to be a town that would be ideal for a family to be raised in. There were going to be separate villages with a possible total of 50,000 people. The plans included low-density residential areas, high-density residential areas, commercial areas, and an industrial park. The town would have green space and a community center for all of the residents to enjoy. The community thrived for the first few years, but Senator McKnight passed away and with him went the driving force behind Jonathan. Government funding for the town disappeared and the Jonathan Corporation went out of business. The new town faded into a neighborhood in Chaska. Although the dream of Jonathan was not successful, the ideas behind the town are very important to Minnesota. Jonathan tried to provide a place for everyone to live and it attempted to offer the most technological way of doing it. Today Minneapolis and Minnesota are incredibly diverse with huge populations of Somalians, Ethiopians, and Hmong. Diversity is one of Minnesota's main ideals and Jonathan tried to provide a place for it to thrive. Today Minneapolis is installing Citywide Internet Access, and it has always given the utmost attention to its park system. Jonathan had advanced technological items such as a computer center, and it strived to create lots of parks. Jonathan is one of the 150 most influential places in the state of Minnesota because of what it represented. The dream never became a reality, but the ideals of the town are those of Minnesota.
~Stephen Simrill, Minneapolis, MN




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