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I think a good candidate for the Minnesota 150 exhibit is, for the lack of a more succinct way to say it, everything relating to comic books - which includes the artists, the art form, writers, creators, dealers, and fans -- all of which Minnesota has produced through the years in large numbers. Saint Paul, MN. September 25, 2004 - For the 16th consecutive year, a celebration of a singular and unique art form will take place here in the Twin Cities. This art form is one of a handful, like jazz, recognized as being purely American in origin. It has been an effective means of generating support and national pride in times of war and crisis. It has been a platform for civil rights, equal rights for women, and education on topical, relevant social issues. It has brought compassionate attention to the problems of drug abuse, alcoholism, homelessness, and depression. It has allowed people to explore various sides of philosophical and moral questions and to draw their own conclusions. It has shown us what heroes are and how we can each be one. This art form is the graphic novel, more commonly referred to as the comic book.
~Rose Kubiatowicz




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