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History of how the natives of Minnesota who lived at Coldwater Spring lost their land and homes to the building of Fort Snelling. They are still trying to maintain the spring as a sacred spot almost being destroyed to the construction.
~Barry Rieson, St. Paul, MN

The soldiers began building Fort Snelling in 1820 at the same time as the Selkirk people began arriving. Whereas the soldiers came and went the Camp Coldwater settlers were significant, because they were the first civilian settlement in Minnesota and were the founders of St. Paul in 1837 and later of Minneapolis in 1851.*Abraham Perry had six daughters--all of whom became prominent people in the community.
~Mike Sexton, MN

I, like most Minnesotans, became acquainted with Coldwater Springs during the Stop 55 movement. ALthough we lost the 4 oaks, the springs were preserved. This spring was a gathering place for many native tribes. When Europeans arrived, the spring provided fresh water for the fort and hangers-ons. The spring is a reminder of our connection to our past and our earth.
~Kris Garwick, Minneapolis, MN




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