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Other Nominations

From F. Melius Christiansen founding the St. Olaf College Choir in the early 20th Century, Minnesota has become our nation's capitol of choral music. The Dale Warland Singers, VocalEssence, the Minnesota Chorale, Cantus, The Rose Ensemble, Kantorei, Magnum Chorum, The Singers, One Voice, The Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus, The Oratorio Society, World Voices, and numerous wonderful collegiate, community, church, and school choirs create our enormous wealth and tradition of choral music. Minneapolis was the first North American host for the World Choral Symposium in 2002, with unprecedented attendance at choral concerts both at the Symposium itself and out in the community. Today, Minnesota is the home to numerous professional, semi-professional, community, school, and church choirs. Legendary choral conductors including F. Melius Christiansen, Olaf Christiansen, Paul J. Christiansen, Dale Warland, Philip Brunelle, and many others have made Minnesota their home. Composers of choral music like Stephen Paulus, Libby Larsen, Dominick Argento, Judith Zaimont, and many others are all Minnesotans. Minnesota is the home of the VoiceCare Network and the Fairview Voice Center, where singers come from around the world to receive voice therapy and learn about physically and acoustically efficient singing. The Minnesota Music Educators Association High School All-State Choirs are considered among the nation's most prestigious, and most enjoyable for our invited guest conductors. There are so many Minnesota conductors, composers, teachers, choral ensembles, and concerts worthy of mention - it makes sense to nominate choral music itself, since it is the art itself that makes Minnesota a great state in which to sing!
~Sue Zemlin, Coon Rapids, MN




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