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The three Hole-in-the-day men--grandfather, father, son--were the leadership in Northern Minnesota from about 1800s-1930s. They participated in treaties and acquisitions of land. Hole-in-the-day the younger, Bug-o-nay-ki-shig, was one of the greatest Anishinabe leaders ever: a politician and a civic leader. Hole-in-the-Day spoke English and was invited to St. Paul and Washington, D.C. He was part of the delegation that went to Washington D.C. to negotiate land treaties. Flat Mouth and Curly Head were warrior leaders who were part of the delegation, but Hole-in-the-Day was a politician and had the greatest number of followers. There are treaties and artifacts from Hole-in-the-Day at the Minnesota Historical Society. The relatives of Hole-in-the-Day the youngest are still around. There is a Hole-in-the-Day park near Leech Lake.
~Bruce Murray, St. Paul, MN

This Ojibway leader made it possible for a great number of immigrants to settle in this state. He felt that since everyone is part of Mother Earth we all were welcome to share in its bounty. And we certainly have.
~Jim Johnson, Isanti, MN

Chief Bugonaghezhisk-went to Washington D.C. to meet with the president and negotiate treaties.
~Will Hollnagel




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