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Charles Schultz was a very influential man, not only in MN but also throughout the United States. His cartoons were put on display numerous times, not only in the newspapers but at the Mall of America, in television movies and by statues around the St. Paul area. The Peanuts gang was influential to many children in MN and throughout the U.S., and has shaped Minnesotan history as being, in my opinion, one of the best cartoons ever created.
~Erin Marrone, Maplewood, MN

He made an American classic. He should deserve more credit then he gets. Peanuts is wholesome and everyone from all ages loves them and they will live on forever. Every Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving the episodes will be on I's classic.
~Bailey Quinn, South St. Paul, MN

Charles Shultz was a person who created something that was so special. His comic strip wasn't just great, it was special because everyone could relate to one or many of his characters. I personally loved Peppermint Patty. She had such a hard time in life yet she never let it beat her. People would love a tribute to Mr. Schultz.
~Diana Dowd, Lehigh Acres, FL

Charles Schulz was a gifted yet humble artist and cartoonist who used his talents to bring hope and laughter to those of us who felt like Charlie Brown -- misunderstood, rejected, and often on the losing coin toss side of life. His simple, Zen-like philosophies gave hope to the hopeless and love to the loveless. And Schulz's popularity spawned hundreds of polyurethane statues in the city of St. Paul from 2000 to 2004 as part of Peanuts on Parade. I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Schulz, and also to have designed and painted a dozen of the six-foot-tall statues over the years.
~Kim Cope, Minneapolis, MN

His cartoon themes have uplifted many people around the world. . .and still do!
~Robert D. Nelson, Pequot Lakes, MN

All ages have watched Charlie Brown on TV--because any of us could be Charlie Brown at some time in our life. He brings us back to who we are--inquisitive, exploring--and simplistic in an ever-unpredictable world.
~Gloria Kaupang, North Branch, MN

His famous Peanuts characters became a well-known public art project throughout St. Paul and the entire United States!! I now know my way around St. Paul extremely well because I took a map and a camera and spent an entire weekend touring each statue set that came out! Not to mention the number of years his comic strip was featured in newspapers on every American's breakfast table!
~Marta Scholl, Clermont, FL

A brilliant artist, a national treasure. With the help of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, Woodstock, etc., he brought out the child in us. What fun.
~Minnesota Four BJCY, Oakdale, MN

Charles Schulz captured the essence of winter and Christmas or the holiday season in Minnesota on that one show. If Charles Schulz lived anywhere else it wouldn't have had the same look to it. For a cartoon it has a very honest and true look at winter and the holiday. That is why it has been a staple worldwide for 40 years.
~Gene A. McGarry, Rochester, MN

Snoopy and the Peanuts gang really describe what Minnesota is all about. They originate from Minnesota, and we are the one state in the whole world that had the largest indoor family theme park ever. We had the biggest theme park because the creator, Charles Schulz, was born in Minnesota. He portrayed Charlie Brown as himself in these cartoons. There are over 100 Charlie Brown and Snoopy movies, and every holiday, television stations play re-runs of these movies.
~Nicole Doran, Cambridge, MN

Peanuts and Charlie Brown have stood the test of time as a beloved cartoon loved by both kids and adults. These characters are a proud piece of Minnesota history.
~Jenny Munoz, Maple Grove, MN




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