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When Cedric Adams came on to broadcast the news, Minnesota and others in the WCCO radio area stopped and listened. His was the Minnesota voice of the news. My grandfather, a newsman himself, respected him greatly. The Betty Crocker Cookbook of that time had a recipe for a Cedric Adams Hot dish---I think it featured cabbage, onions, hamburger and tomato soup. Not even the governor was more respected throughout Minnesota in the forties.
~Cherie Boen, Wadena, MN

A much-loved radio newsreader and columnist In This Corner with the Minneapolis Star for years, Cedric was something of an institution, his newscasts (especially the 10 o'clock such on WCCO 8-3-0) marking key points of the day and his column a must-read for many thousands when it came to keeping up with the latest doings.
~Larry Ellis Reed, Winona, MN

If you don't know him, then you are not even remotely qualified to be running this dog-and-pony show.
~Heather Tarnowski, Minneapolis, MN




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