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It seems when the automobile was invented, the small, mom-and-pop resorts sprang up on the shores of the many lakes in Minnesota. These warm, personal resorts dotting the shorelines gave families a cherished tradition of the annual trip to the cabin. The owners of these resorts and the visiting families became friends and the visiting families who came the same week each year became friends. Although the small, mom-and-pop resorts are all but disappearing, their presence in Minnesota history gave us the foundation of the tourist industry we have today. Those of us who either grew up with those mom-and-pop resorts or had the annual visit to the cabin will never forget the feeling of arriving at the resort on those dirt roads with the grass growing up in the middle and that sense of deep relaxation when stepping into the little cabin on the lake.
~Shelby Richardson, St. Louis Park, MN

My husband Bill and I are 3rd generation resorters . Our family resort was begun in 1915. We have 2 sons and grandchildren in our business as well. We think we represent the Ma and Pa of resort fame! We are a vanishing breed -most of our peers have sold out to lakeshore developers. After a long summer of fielding phone calls, directing housekeepers, putting out boats, mowing lawns, fetching ice, I must confess we are sometimes envious! But we feel that we have that important week at the lake to offer our guests, and that is almost a need for most Minnesotans! The lakes belong to all of us, and access to them is becoming more and more limited. We feel that our remaining lake resorts are an important part of what our state is all about!
~Mary O. Peters, Glenwood, MN

I helped record the rich legacy of cabins in Minnesota and aided in the preservation of a few.
~Dale Mulfinger, Minneapolis, MN




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