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him and his brothers messages almost made me bust a rib from laughing so hard, he hit me with a couple too lol This weekend: cinema and dinner with honey ajub I hope you set your DVR! I know you'd hate to miss it! : Tony Stewart appears on Last Man Standing tonite! yes u do Making cards for my valentines (; <3

Gowrl, like wtf.. LOL Semoga hari ini banyak rezeki dan berkah.. Whoever Unfolliwed Me Can Go Sleep Next To An Alligator . Waiting (kind of) patiently for the anniv issue of . Reading it will def. perk up my hump day :) vo i vuce YESSSSSS. VIJRJUBYDJFJC. And then I can die happy. :'D Thanks see this page to all who are following us =) The Dublin Super Cup is there to promote the League of Ireland, but most fans will be supporting the foreign teams

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