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David Dalquist Sr., started a business that was and is a very strong tradition of not only MN, but an internationally recognized name and part of baking history. Having started his business in the 1950s, Nordicware and the bundt pan are a part of cooking past and present. People from all over the world are baking with bundt pans. The bundt pan, starting out as bund pans named by a society of women, got its name because bund is German for a gathering of people. Dalquist added a t to the end of bund and trademarked the name. This name reflects a special role the pan plays in the baking world and the traditions of all types of celebrations. Moreover, in a time where most manufacturers are outsourcing overseas, Dalquist diligently worked to keep and grow his business in MN, despite the challenges of competing with the international marketplace. This says a lot about the contribution he played to the MN community and the baking world.
~Michele Cook, Farmington, MN

It transformed cake making for the whole world. It allowed us to transform cakes into roses, castles and many other lovely shapes.
~Elizabeth Sherva

The Bundt Pan is an American tradition that has touched the lives of many Americans and has branched out to serve many kitchens around the world.
~Kelsie Brust, Grant, MN

Founded Northland Aluminum Products, Inc, Nordic Ware in St. Louis Park, MN. with $500.00 and a wooden workbench after returning from WW II. He invented the Bundt Pan, America's most popular baking pan which has become an American icon. Also famous for the Micro-Go-Round, a portable turntable for microwave ovens, and many microwave accdessories. The company is known for its bakeware and cookware. His book, The Nordic Ware Saga, was written the last years of his life to encourage others to become entreprenuers. He was an optimist and his determination, fair play and encouragement to others will be remembered. He passed away Jan 2, 2005."
~M. Dalquist,Edina,MN

More than half of the United States homes have a bundt pan in their kitchen! It is a household name and the company is right here where it started 60 years ago!
~Erika Vickerman, Hopkins, MN

National / worldwide product... Bundt Pans are in everyone's homes, and the word Bundt has been added into the dictionary.
~Ralph Lavansky, Eagan, MN

It's become an international icon, seen all over and used all over the world! Even seen in the movies - everyone has heard of the bundt pan.
~Tom Severson, Plymouth, MN

It was a Minnesota invention that had a worldwide impact with its collaboration between Northland Aluminum Products and The Pillbury Company, both Minnesota companies.
~Martin Hidy, Minnetonka, MN

The bundt pan and all the bundt shapes that followed transformed baking, making baking cakes easy for all.
~Kathy Severson, Plymouth, MN

Dave was the founder of Nordic Ware which originated the Bundt Pan. There were about 60 million Bundt pans sold in the past 60 years, all manufactured in St. Louis Park, Mn. Dave was also the Commodore of Lake Superior for many years and was instrumental in developing the Marine Aquarium in Duluth. He passed away on Jan. 2, 2005 at the age of 86. I had the pleasure to work for him.
~Wayne Adriaens, Minneapolis, MN

Mr. Dalquist was the inventor and manufacturer of the Bundt pan! He provided lots of jobs for Minnesotans and gave us a sweet opportunity to return to the past, especially to the heritage of many Minnesotans of European descent.
~Catherine Nicholson, Dellwood, MN

It's so 50s-Minnesotish.
~Steve Bker, Chisholm, MN

I believe that the bundt pan is an important object that has influenced families across the state and the world.
~David Thompson, North Oaks, MN

The Bundt pan originated in Minnesota from a copy of an old European design. There have been 50 million of these pans sold, and they continue to sell to this next generation of bakers. This is a classic shape for a cake that serves a large group: Bundt literally means a cake for a gathering. Mr. Dalquist came out with this design at his business, Nordic Ware, which he started in his basement with his wife Dorothy. His is the classic American success story of rags to riches. Nordic Ware is located in St. Louis Park and is still a privately-held family business. Everyone across the country, knows what a Bundt pan is - it has become a generic term and has nostalgic ties to the 1970s when Pillsbury came out with their famous Tunnel of Fudge recipe that won in the Pillsbury Bakeoff that year.
~Linda Jeffrey, Medina, MN

The bundt pan is known around the world and all of the originals have been produced right here in Minnesota 50 mill.. Bundt has become a household word over the past few decades. H. David Dalquist coined the name. He was an entrepreneur extraordinaire!
~Susan Brust, Grant, MN

Nordic Ware founder H. David Dahlquist invented the Bundt pan in 1950. It's the kind of change that most intrigues me: the quiet achievement that everyone knows about without knowing who thought it up, according to one of Dahlquist's admirers. Members of a Minnesota Hadassah chapter asked Dahlquist to make an aluminum pan for Bundkuchens, or 'gathering cakes'. Dahlquist responded and added a 't' to the name. Sales were sparse at first. But in 1966, when Texan Ella Rita Helfrich placed second in the Pillsbury Bake-Off with her Tunnel of Fudge cake made in a Bundt pan, Nordic Ware was deluged with orders, and they still sell a million pans a year. A quiet revolution at one Minnesota company sparked a Texan's imagination, and she made culinary history by using another Minnesota company's products. That's why the Bundt pan belongs in Minnesota 150.
~Kate Roberts, Minneapolis, MN

Invented the bundt pan; provided work to 1,000s of people.
~Roger Bares, Maple Grove, MN

He was a very smart man witha vison and a belief in his dream and in people in general. Not just in Minnesota. He fought to make his dream, Nordicware/Northland Aluminum, come true. He had a great love for the Great Lakes and its history and often gave cruise tours to dignitaries on his yacht on the Great Lakes.
~Kevin Cook, Farmington, MN

I like eating delicious Bundt cake.
~Jonathan Jeffrey




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