Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat Onyx - Why Is Britax the Proven Chief in Car Chair Security?

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In the case of an accident, impact with the front seat of an automobile may cause terrible injury to the top and face of a child and may be the major cause of death of children aged 0 - 12. Therefore, if you are looking for the best convertible car seat, that offers the maximum possible security for your son or daughter, then you should investigate why is Britax the undisputed leader in convertible car seat safety.

Convertible seats are becoming therefore common because they offer parents a chair which is often used both by infants and toddlers in front and rear facing positions.

Subsequently, Britax has put so much work in to renovating their range of convertible car seats that they're the undisputed leader in car seat safety, producing designs that are regularly top rated when tested alone.

In a nutshell, Britax is on a mission to engineer vehicle seats to be as safe as you can with specific emphasis on head safety and therefore have redesigned the entire array of their convertible seats, focusing on head safety.

Government standards must be met by all car seats for protection but where different producers end, Britax begins. For instance, they execute twice as many checks as needed by the National Highways Transportation Safety Administration.

As a result of most this testing some basic design changes are now actually incorporated in to the Britax selection of convertible car seat. Crucial among these are:-

a) lowering the center of gravity so child sits lower, greater stability is created by which in case of a collision

b) convertible car seat covers by adding built-in steel bars that reinforce the connection with the car, therefore lowering forward bending throughout a crash.

c) the growth of their ground breaking "Safe Cell Technology", These cells are designed to decrease on impact, further lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forces that push the seat forward so minimising the movement of one's son or daughter during a crash, This not just far exceeds the federal standards for head tour but jobs Britax as best in class for head protection.

As well as maximising head security, best convertible car seat also include several other essential protection functions

d) 5 Point Harness - which distributes the forces of a direct effect to the strongest areas of the child's body and provides the securest suit.

e) L.A.T.C.H attaching - which anchors the chair right to the vehicle human body for total security.

f) Side Impact Protection - heavy area walls lined with energy absorbing foam contains the neck, head and human body, blows accident forces and shields against car attack.

Ideally the information in this brief article has convinced you of the Britax commitment to total child passenger safety. There is only one place to head to give your child with the safest convertible car seat so that you can be totally confident that they're as fully protected as possible. All you could then need to do is choose which specific style best suits your son or daughter.

The primary reason why a convertible car seat is purchased is prevent getting three different size child seats as a child grows. Customer opinions provide great resources for new child car seats, alongside security ratings and recall information. Sometimes, parents request recommendations from friends and family along with shop affiliates. The protection of a child must be the priority therefore choosing the correct car seat is most critical when choosing a child seat.

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