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Pierre Boucher was one of the first arrivals in New France. He was an important figure in the colony, having served as the ambassador from the colony to the French court and the governor of Trois Riviers, Que., three times. He was the first person to recieve a title of nobility in New France. His sons and grandsons are important to the history of Minnesota. His son, Rene, and grandson, also named Rene, established a fur-trading post at Frontenac in 1727 as one of the earliest in Minnesota. Pierre's daughter, Marie-Ursule, married Rene Gaultier de Varennes et de la Verendrye. Their son, Pierre, and grandsons Jean Baptiste de Verendrye, Francois de Verendrye, Louis-Joseph de Verendrye, and Christophe Dufrost de la Jemmerais established Fort St. Charles at the Northwest angle in 1731 and from there explored west to the Rockies. in 1736, Jean Baptiste was killed along with 19 others, including Father Aulneau, in a raid by natives on natives on Rainy Lake. He is buried at the site of Fort St. Charles. The raid was believed to be in reprisal for Jean Baptiste's assistance to a rival tribe in a time of war.
~Chuck Meyer, Plymouth, MN




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