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== History ==
== History ==
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History<ref>This is a citation example</ref>
== Resource Links ==
== Resource Links ==

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Bingo Jack forced open the legal gaming industry in Minnesota. First time I saw it was at the Little Six Bingo Hall. They had adapted blackjack's 21 rules into a bingo game. They used a deck of cards that had no ace, kings, queen or jacks but had four ones and 16 tens, and when dealt a one and a ten it was an instant bingo that payed 3/2 same as blackjack. By sidestepping the state bingo rules, this completely upset all legal and illegal charitable gaming operations. The illegal firehall smokers were a big part of the outstate social way of life as well as a way of funding the area's needs. Those needs could have been a new church or new fire truck, or the county parks. This all changed when Bingo Jack entered the picture.
~Bill Bevill, Alexandria, MN




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