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Francis Johnson of Darwin, MN saved twine and amassed it into the world's largest ball of twine.
~Brian Motiaytk, Minneapolis, MN

Made by one man in Darwin, MN
~Ron Elam, Baffalo, MN




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I've visited Minnesota's Largest Ball of Twine, which really isn't the largest ball of twine, that honor goes to Cawker City, Kansas. Darwin can claim to have the largest ball of twine "built by one man," since the Cawker City ball was a group effort by townspeople. A visit to Cawker City's ball is a little more fulfilling. Their ball is in an open air gazego - I even added my own piece of twine. The one in Darwin is behind plexiglass! - making it impossible to opening commune with the ball.

Loralee Bloom, St. Paul, MN


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