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Other Nominations

The Halloween parade in Anoka. My family and I have grown up going there every year. We also were able to march in it for many years. Now our kids can still go to it.
~Victor A. Abird, Cambridge, MN

Aside from being a hub for the logging industry in the 1800s (arising from the convenience of the Rum and Mississippi Rivers' junction that created a trading and wayside experience with areas called Slabtown and Whiskey Flats), Anoka now is known as The Halloween Capitol of the World. This growing community is soon to be one of the communities that hosts a station for the light rail line to St. Cloud. Its antique shops and quaint downtown preserve the ambiance people would expect to have in a hometown environment. From the 1950s to the present day, Anoka is still the unofficial main drag for young and old alike to cruise on Friday and Saturday nights. All in all, Anoka and its history rightfully qualify it to be included in the 150 you seek.
~Skip Elliott, Anoka, MN

Was the place that the Rum and Mississippi rivers joined and where lumber was havested and sent down the rivers to Minneapolis; had flour mills; was the Potato Capitol in the late 1800s/early 1900s; had trading posts for early settlers; was a starting place for ox carts to travel to St. Cloud with supplies for settlers.
~Marlene Morris, Ham Lake, MN




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