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Volstead was a U.S. Congressman and was the co-author of the Capper-Volstead Act, which brought about farmer cooperatives. Volstead also wrote the National Prohibition Enforcement Act of 1919, which was to become known as the Volstead Act and led to implementation of prohibition. Volstead was at one time a mayor of the city of Granite Falls, the Yellow Medicine District Attorney, and was involved in establishing the Granite Falls hydroelectric power cooperative, which still operates as a electrical utility today.
~Terri Dinesen, Granite Falls, MN

Andrew Volsted is the man responsible for the most noble and most failed social experiment in the history of the U.S., called prohibition. By his giving into the popular opinion of the time in order to remain elected, he demonstrated why politicians sometimes need to rise above the fray to see what's best for the country. Something our current elected officials seem to have forgotten.
~Paul Crea, Stillwater, MN

St. Paul Police Chief "Big Tom Brown" perpetuated the O'Connor System in St. Paul, making way for one of the most intriguing eras in Minnesota history. Immunity from prosecution allowed many crooks to flourish in St. Paul in the 1920s and the first part of the 30s, including John Dillinger, the Ma Barker-Alvin Karpis Gang and even Al Capone. The Green Lantern Club served as the gathering point for the hoodlums. Edward Bremer and William Hamm were kidnapped and with those kidnappings the era came to an end. Andrew Volstead, who should have been known for the Capper-Volstead Act, gave his name to the enforcement provision of the prohibition amendment.
~Neil Simonson, Morris, MN

This legislation known as the Volstead Act, co-authored by Granite Falls, MN's Andrew Volstead, enabled cooperatives to form and transformed how farmers are able to do business.
~Mary Gillespie, Granite Falls, MN

Co-authored the Capper-Volstead Act that legalized the formation of cooperatives in American agriculture, which had a huge impact both in Minnesota and nationally (see Steve Keillor's book "Cooperative Commonwealth") AND authored the Volstead Act, bringing Prohibition to the US and MN.
~Debbie Miller, St. Paul, MN




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