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While he is largely forgotten by 21st-century Minnesotans, Ramsey's leadership set the stage to transform Minnesota from a backwater territory on the fringe of the northwestern frontier into an agricultural and industrial powerhouse.
~Tony Sutton, Inver Grove Heights, MN

Ramsey did more than almost any other person to shape and develop Minnesota along its present lines...he also brought Minnesota into the national political forefront and strengthened and developed many of our current institutions, incl the Mn Hist Soc, the University, the general government and Mn's role as a leader in our national government.
~John Clawson, Minneapolis, MN

He shouldn't need much of an introduction. Just about every major event in MN's territorial and early statehood years had fingerprint residue from Ramsey. Like him or not, he should be a recognizable figure for Minnesotans today. It should also be a no-brainer to include important figures such as Hill, Sibley, Ramsey, Kelley etc.(unfortunately, all white) that are connected to our state's historic sites.
~Brian Pease, MN




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Alexander Ramsey should have been mentioned in the Minnesota 150 because he was our first territorial governor, second state governor and prominent during the Civil War.

Shale Gollop-Inver Grove Heights, MN


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