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Other Nominations

He was a sports star turned Supreme Court justice and is an all-around nice guy.
~Sam Jaenke, Eau Claire, MN

Justice Page is an exemplary role model for our children. He was a vivid Minnesota sports hero as one of the famed Purple People Eaters. After leaving professional sports, he sought only to better himself and our state as a whole. He strove for racial equality and fought as a minority advocate. He traveled to schools in all areas of Minnesota encouraging youth to stay the course with education and reminding them that being a good citizen is of the utmost importance. His work on the MN Supreme Court enhanced not only the state economy but the lives of all souls therein. I stand in awe of all the good this Hall of Famer has brought to our great state and hope to see him awarded accordingly.
~Pamela Niska, Golden Valley, MN

Alan Page helped the Vikings get to four Super Bowls. Alan went to college at Notre Dame but graduated from law school at the University of Minnesota in July of 1978. Alan Page was drafted into the NFL in 1977. Alan Page is in the NFL Hall of Fame and is now on the Minnesota Supreme Court.
~Alex Irwin, Minneapolis, MN

The Honorable Alan C. Page, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the State of Minnesota. Possibly the most important criterion one could undertake is to press upon the minds of our youth the importance of an education. The Honorable Alan C. Page with his Page Education Foundation has done wonders to help the youth of our state. His nonprofit foundation has awarded more than 900 scholarships to 500 students since its inception in 1988. He is a great man with a powerful message for all of our youth to heed and ponder.
~James R. Brown, Minneapolis, MN




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