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Other Nominations

Mary Bradley Hamilton, 104; Gladys Johnson, 107; Aloma Skinner Brown, 102; Dorothy Hall, 100.
~Marjorie Tendle, Minneapolis, MN

Lawyers: James Bradford, Jr., St. Paul; James McGee, St. Paul; Paul Ray, St. Paul; Stephen Maxwell, St. Paul; Donald Lewis, St. Paul; Donald Belton, Mpls; Donald Lajume, Mpls; Pam Alexander, Mpls; Louis Scipo, St. Paul; Tanya Bransford Lewis, St. Paul.

Bus Drivers: Charles Banks, Cleny Perry, W.D. Massey, Alex Jordan. Boy Scouts of America: George Manning, John Kelly.
~Marjorie Tendle, Minneapolis, MN

Milkmen: George Holland, Hugh Schuck.

Mailmen: Eugene Hilyard, James Murray, John Mitchell.

Dentist: Earl Weber, Charles Williams, Butler.

City Clerk: John Sims.

Court Clerk: Bradford Benner.

City Attorney: James Willis.

Probation Officer: Catherine Williams, Powers, Gaylord, Phamber first names?, Commissioner Parks &

Playgrounds, Mpls: Mary Merrill Anderson.

NAACP: Allie Mae Hampton.
~Marjorie Tendle, Minneapolis, MN

Businessmen, etc: Nathaniel Walker, Hotel & Bar; Jim Williams, Bar; Artie Boyd, Restaurant; Matthew Russell, Bar; Walter Baines, Ice, Coal & Wood; James Sperling, Restaurant; Freddy Westin, Hotel; Nonnie Goodman, Restaurant; Chester Oden, BBQ; Garrett's Pool Hall; Bullard Sweetshop; Dandridge Sweetshop; Fields Drug store; Maurice Loves, Tailor Shop/Cleaners; Clemmons Grocery Store; William Blacks Grocery Store; Robert Lewis, Upholstery; Vass?; Wayne Glanton, Hardware store; Howard Brown, Cleaners; Ransome, Hot Tamales; McGee Cleaners; Godfrey Rawhings, Grocery Store; Roberts Anderson, Shoe Repair;
~Marjorie Tendle, Minneapolis, MN

Policemen, etc: Art Blakley, Jerry Cotton, Robert Williams, Butch Benner, Clarence Mitchell, James Griffin, Raymond Red Presley, James Mann.

Mortician: Neal McGavock, St. Paul; Ben Alexander, St. Paul; Ben Estes, Mpls; Ben Woodward, Mpls; Brooks? Chadwick?
~Marjorie Tendle, Minneapolis, MN

Nurses: Rosey Mae Johnson, St. Paul; Jean Frazier, Mpls; Eula Clayborn, St. Paul; Constance Jackson Graham, St. Paul.

Nurses' Aides: Hortence Clark Davis: Ancker, Region, United--St. Paul; Lopretta Reed Zeno, United, St. Paul; Jeanne Saunders: Ancker, Region, St. Paul.
~Marjorie Tendle, Minneapolis, MN

Educators: Mabel Cason, St. Paul; Margo Robins Lloyd, St. Paul; Elizabeth Moore, Mpls; Earl Bowman, Mpls; Mary Phillips, St. Paul; Principal Rosalind Robbins, Hiawatha-Mpls; Joanne Johnson, St. Paul; Alice Onque, Hallie Q. Brown-St. Paul; Myrtle Carden, Hallie Q. Brown-St. Paul; Hazel Butler, Janebelle Murphy Taylor, Dorothea Hill Burn.

Social Workers: Odelle Galloway, Helen McGee, Leatrice Dodd, Lillian Doney.

Secretaries: Virginia Tinsley, Gladys Robinson, Laura Rubins, Adrienne Ratliff.

Barbers: Young Brothers--John, Chubby, Meriel, Fanny Lewis, Fanny Stone, Timonthy Howard, Timothy Blakley sp?
~Marjorie Tendle, Minneapolis, MN

Musicians: Charles Beasley, Percy Hughes, Irv Williams, Chester Ridley, Melvin Carter, Buddy Carter, Teddy Massey, Albert Cotton.

Music Teachers: Arlee Harris Slaughter, Bertha King.

Singers: Clara Mae Davis and Gertrude Nay Woodard Barber, Constance Jackson Graham, Carolyn Combs, Eloise Vassar, Iris Brown, Judy Perkins, Percy Hughes Band.

~Marjorie Tendle, Minneapolis, MN

Floyd Massey, Pilgrim Baptist Church; L.W. Harris, Pilgrim Baptist Church; Isaiah Brown Sr., Pilgrim Baptist Church; Willie Phelps, Pilgrim Baptist Church; John Diggs, Pilgrim Baptist Church; John Junnell, Pilgrim Baptist Church; William Young, Pilgrim Baptist Church; William Ware, Pilgrim Baptist Church; Joseph Camp Sr., Welcome Hall; Fred Bacon, Pilgrim Baptist Church; Clarence Nelson Chaphor, Methodist; Clarence Moore, St. James; Clarence Del Pino, St. James; Clarence Botts, Zion Baptist; Clarence Bothic, Mt. Olivet Baptist; Clarence Wheeler, Mt. Olivet Baptist; Clarence Thiebold, St. Peter Claver; Stanley Frazier, Jerry McAfee, Ian Bethel, James Holliway J.R. Lynn, St. James Methodist; M.L. Bolding, Pilgrim Baptist Church; Myrtle Oliver, Pilgrim Baptist Church; Josephine Hagen.
~Marjorie Tendle, Minneapolis, MN




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