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The first tool examined in the computer workstation ergonomic evaluation is the chair. Each operator is anthropometrically unique. Full adjustability is required. The AERON chair revolutionized the seating of Minnesota's computer operators. Co-designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick in their Minneapolis, MN studio in 1994 for Herman Miller, the Aeron ergonomic chair met the multiple features needed: back and lumbar support, height adjustability, tilt and arm rest placement. In addition, it is clean, comfortable and correct. The age of technology brings with it new problems for the individual. A computer can be found in millions of offices and homes, enticing the operator to sit for long periods of time, often in awkward positions. The chair used is critical to the health and well-being of that operator. One size does not fit all! The Aeron comes in three sizes and adjusts to each operator with ease and accuracy. By eliminating the upholstered appearance, the Aeron features a web-like construction that stays clean, wears well and looks futuristic. The Minnesota office/home would be less ergonomically seated, less health-conscious and less comfortable without the Aeron chair.
~Sandra Nelson, AZ




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