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Other Nominations

4-H has constantly helped kids become better leaders and more confident in themselves. It has helped countless kids learn more about themselves.
~Laurel Wiehe, Roseville, MN

The greatest youth leadership organization has shaped the lives of thousands of Minnesota youth. The program does not contain itself to agriculture and home economics, though it still has strong roots there. Its ever-reaching abilities allow kids all over the US. to get involved in their community, learn life skills and make a difference.
~Nicole Freese, Kent, MN

Gets youth involved in their communities. It also gives them a chance to do things with different projects at a state and sometimes even national level rather than just community/county level.
~Jessica Sloan, Blaine, MN

I chose to nominate 4-H because 4-H has helped me become a better leader. 4-H has also helped me become more confident and because of that I have met many new people from all around the state of MN; I have become very good friends with all of them.
~Garrett Schiltgen, Hugo, MN

4-H is an excellent program that develops youth into the people that they want to be. Also it has a long tradition at the state which also shapes our state.
~Peter Lund, Staples, MN

Every year over 2,000 youth pass through the 4-H building, bringing their projects, showing their animals, performing shows. They sleep, eat and live in this building while they stay there. They make lifelong friends and memories.
~Matt Joyer, Lino Lakes, MN

4-H has influenced the lives of tens of thousands of people and more every year. It provides kids w/a positive learning environment. It has given me an opportunity to learn many new things and improve in areas I already enjoyed. It is a great program.
~Peter Hansen, Coon Rapids, MN

4-H lets your dreams fly. I have had a lot of fun with 4-H. 4-H will let you do what you want to do. We do not let anyone feel left out. We are in art and all of the people that see us have a good time. All of the 4-H will make you feel welcome.
~Christie Horsagen, Starbuck, MN

4-H has been around for over 100 years. When it started it was mainly for farm kids, but as it went on it transformed with the times. Now 4-H is open to all kids. It involves all kinds of interests and teaches kids to be great leaders.
~Jeanna Gadin, Andover, MN

The University of Minnesota's 4-H Youth Development program has been a leader in nonformal education and youth leadership for over 100 years. The 4-H building on the State Fair grounds, the last of the great national WPO projects, represents a home for all young people in Minnesota. It is a place where they come to celebrate their success, share their learning and to gain new insights. As a banner hanging in the building today announces, they "Come for the learning, stay for the friendships."
~Richard Moreland, Saint Paul, MN

The Minnesota 4-H program is one of the strongest in all the country. It is a youth leadership program that creates opportunities for its participants and teaches them about team building, goal setting and achieving your full potential. Not only does it do this for its participants, it does the same for thousands of Minnesotans who come through the 4-H building at the Minnesota State Fair each year. 4-H builds character and has shaped the youth of Minnesota into motivated, knowledgeable, and intelligent leaders who will lead the state to greatness today and in the future.
~Kayla Schiltgen, Hugo, MN

No other organization is so widespread across Minnesota and brings together kids from all parts of the state. At [the 4-H program] State Arts-In this year I met over 70 new people that I will never forget. My life wouldn't be the same without 4-H.
~Katy Clanton, Hampton, MN

4-H had a major impact on the state for many years. The University of MN 4-H office has and is collecting 4-H history. One book has been written--Wayne Carlson is collecting 4-H information. Brown and Bigelow did 4-H calendars in the 1950s.
~Jim Kemp, Minneapolis, MN

4-H has been a revolutionary organization for the youth of our state. It provides an amazing opportunity for positive involvement in youth leadership, life skills, world view, perspectives, and the direction of many people's lives. This influence upon my generation is critical to the future condition of our gorgeous state. These youth are our upcoming leaders. 4-H stands as a remaining reminder and teacher of excellence. Through 4-H I have become the positive, energetic, outgoing person that I am. This is only a miniscule testimony of the impact 4-H makes.
~Krista Montagne, Sturgeon Lake, MN

I feel the 4-H program is the single program that can bring kids of all ages and races and from any group together. Ever since I joined I have been changed. I have learned how to lead anything. In school every time we do a group activity I am always the group leader. So I feel that 4-H should be one [of the MN 150] because it has not only changed me but thousands.
~Jacob Benesh, Hastings, MN

State Arts-In is a program that helps youth to develop good social skills and learn more about themselves, to work hard and also learn how to make new friends.
~Rachel Balow, Lake City, MN

It shapes our youth.
~Kathy Cowan, Clara City, MN

It has produced a lot of leaders that are making an impact on our state. 4-H stresses family, community, country, and world.
~Lauryn Kugler, Erhard, MN




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