1965 World Series

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The first appearance by the Mn Twins in a World Series went to 7 games, a true cliffhanger. The outcome of the series, which was against the Sandy Koufax Dodgers of of that '65 season, if I'm not mistaken, was decided in the ninth inning of game 7. The Twins had proven themselves nonetheless as a serious team to contend with in the American League. Years later , they're now two for three in World Series play, with a nearly perennial presence in the post-season schedule. Over the years Minnesota has maintained a profile known nationwide as that Land of Sky Blue Waters. With professional baseball, football and hockey, and despite the Lakers leaving Minneapolis and the North Stars going to Texas, pro sports have continued to sell tickets to loyal fans, and to embrace new teams with new names, such as the Timberwolves and the Wild. The 1965 Series lit that spirit of the team fan in a lot of youngsters in an unprecedented week where, across the state, town to town, school to school, classrooom by classroom, students were watching from their school desks on televisions brought in by teachers and others.
~Todd Schwen, Desert Hot Springs, CA




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