1946 St. Paul teachers strike

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I'm sure people will suggest the strikes of 1894, 1907, 1916, 1922, 1933 and 1934--good choices. However, I would like to put forth the St. Paul teachers' strike of 1946, usually considered the first of its kind in the nation.The earlier labor actions were carried out by the skilled or semi-skilled organizations. The teachers' walkout is a good example of one of the more recent developments in the labor movement--white collar unionism. If this event is included in the special 150, mention could also be made of the longer and more divisive Minneapolis teachers' strike. Incidentally, in both of the Twin Cities and other cities such as Chicago, there were separate unions for male and female teachers, lasting until mergers in the 1950s.
~Steve Trimble, St. Paul, MN




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